Our name, New Grace Christian Church, reflects our conviction that the grace of the living God, which is both mysterious and marvelous, is one of the primary truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This does not mean that we believe that there is anything in the Grace of God that is old.

There is no Old Grace! It is new every day to everyone who believes, and it calls out day and night to every man, woman and child in the world.

We recognize our own sin nature and refuse to believe that anyone is beyond hope. There is no shattered life that Jesus cannot rebuild and restore.

We intend as a church to invite our friends to a clear presentation of the truth about Jesus Christ.

We will celebrate Him with music, good humor and good fellowship.

We will not pressure anyone and will try to create a comfortable environment for the stranger and visitor.

We will teach the Bible, verse by verse, making no apologies for doing so.

We believe that there are many people who wish to understand what it says.

We are brand new and have much to do in order to accomplish our purpose and mission.

We expect to be working diligently at our task when Jesus comes for us.